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The quality of Bagatto prosciuttos starts with the selection of the best and heaviest pork thighs, strictly from pigs of Italian origin. To this raw material, we only add three ingredients: salt, time and nature. We do not add any preservatives or additives, just a lot of patience and experience: how about that?


The “sweetness” of our prosciutto hams is born from a caress: that of our workers’ hands that gently spread salt on the pork thighs. A tradition that was handed-on from father to son and that is the secret of genuine goodness, born from true love.


Season after season, with no hurry, our prosciutto hams gain their delicious taste, thanks to the sweet breezes and the particular climate of the green San Daniele hills. A completely natural seasoning process, just as it happened many years ago in the cellar of Rino Bagatto. A small, great miracle of goodness that continues on to your table: enjoy your meal!

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